Our Causes

  • To develop regional capacity to train Congolese women using global and international development frameworks (e.g. Beijing Platform of Action, Agenda 21, the Habitat Agenda, Johannesburg Plan of Implementation, and the Millennium Development Goals-MDGs). Such training would serve as advocacy tools for poverty alleviation, participatory and responsive governance and human centered sustainable community development. To develop […]

  • To promote gender equality and defend the interests of women and children’s right and fight  against all the forms of violence, discrimination and marginalization. To assist ending silence, stigma and shame on HIV/AIDS in communities and taking action to prevent further spread of the disease. To develop and disseminate tools that enable Congolese women to […]

  • To advocate for the elimination of child labour including children soldiers and address the socio-cultural factors that force children into child labour. To bring awareness and advocate on behalf  of women and children, particularly those victims of rape, in poverty, displaced by war or those who are exposed to discriminations due to their social status, […]

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